Neapolis University Pafos strongly endorses the ReGeneration Programme in order to better support its graduates

April 7, 2023

Neapolis University Pafos is proud of the new collaboration it has launched with ReGeneration, the largest training and employment program for young people and new graduates, aiming to provide career development opportunities for recent graduates in Greece.

Neapolis University Paphos graduates will be informed about ReGeneration’s specialised training programmes, which are designed to enhance their professional skills and increase their chances of success in their chosen field.

“We are excited to collaborate with ReGeneration and offer our graduates, many of whom reside in Greece, this unique opportunity to continue their further education and training after completing their studies at Neapolis University Pafos”, said the Rector, Professor Pantelis Sklias. “We believe that this collaboration will enhance our graduates to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in their field.”

ReGeneration is a non-profit initiative created in 2014 to combat brain drain and youth unemployment, increase youth employability, and bridge the gap between new graduates and the labour market, based on the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. By March 2023 it has achieved 3,200+ youth recruitment across a network of 2,000 companies across Greece while delivering 1,000,000 hours of soft, digital & technical skills training.