Neapolis University establishes co-operation with Thekleios Library at Tala

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The library of Neapolis University in Cyprus, on the context of collaboration with other important Libraries, in order to meet the increasing needs of its students, has established a co-operation with Thekleios Library, the private library of Cyprus Archibishop Chrysostomos II.

The main target of the collaboration of the Cyprus Archbishops Library with Neapolis University, is to provide its collection for research study and usage of rare theological subject material and other, such as historical geographical and literature material, in order to establish it, as a vibrant and dynamic organization with intellectual cultivation and make it well known all over the island.

The Cyprus Archbishop’s Library consists of more than 6000 books and it is located at Tala village in Paphos.

In this context of collaboration, the academic community of Neapolis University will have the privilege of free access into the rare and rich collection of Thekleios Library. As a result, not only will its rich and rare material be better known to a wider range of people, but also through its usage for study and research from all students and academics of Neapolis University, it will promote a significant part of our homeland.

Neapolis University students may have access at Thekleios Library by presenting their student card

Neapolis University Pafos establishes co-operation with Thekleios Library at Tala