Neapolis University Pafos: Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with CHR. MARNEROS & CO. LTD

May 24, 2023

The Department of Civil Engineering of Neapolis University Pafos and CHR.MARNEROS & CO. LTD signed on Thursday 11.05.2023 a Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to promote innovation, knowledge excellence, the exchange of know-how, practical applications as well as the provision of opportunities for students and graduates to connect to the labour market.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on behalf of Neapolis University Pafos by Associate Professor Dr. John Bellos, Head of the Department of Engineering and on behalf of CHR.MARNEROS & CO. LTD by Mr. Miltiades Marneros, Director.

CHR.MARNEROS & CO. LTD is a private company on the leading edge of interior contracts, providing specialised and custom-made services. The company has implemented a number of significant and impressive projects in Cyprus including the installation of raised floors, carpets, parquet, P.V.C. floors, partitions, plasterboard constructions, suspended ceilings, and folding doors.

The main pillars of this cooperation include:

  1. Organising joint seminars and workshops to exchange views and knowledge between academics and professionals in the relevant field, sharing know-how, best practices and emerging trends in order to bring together theory and practice, while promoting innovation and encouraging continuous lifelong learning.
  2. The development of skills and the knowledge enrichment of students through internships, placement of students and other collaborative projects in order to gain practical experience and familiarize them with industry practices.


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