NUP Team Wins the IWLS Programming Contest Series!

June 21, 2024
We are thrilled to announce that the NUP team from the Department of Computer Science of Neapolis University Pafos has won the prestigious IWLS Programming Contest Series organized by Alan Mishchenko and Yukio Miyasaka from UC Berkeley, as part of the 33rd International Workshop on Logic & Synthesis.
The competition challenged participants to synthesize efficient Boolean circuits for 100 functions based on truth tables published roughly five months in advance. Despite the fierce competition and with last year’s best circuits coming from Google DeepMind, our team managed to reduce the circuit sizes by 12% compared to the best from 2023. In some cases, the size reduction reached an impressive 83%!
Congratulations to our outstanding team:
Daniil Averkov, Gregory Emdin, Mikhail Goncharov, Alexander S. Kulikov, Daniil Levtsov, Georgie Levtsov, Vsevolod Vaskin, Aleksey Vorobiev
We are proud of their dedication, innovation, and excellence in this highly competitive field. This victory not only highlights their individual talents but also showcases the top-tier educational and research capabilities of Neapolis University Pafos.