The Academic and Administrative Services of Neapolis University (NUP) are in full function

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The academic and administrative services of Neapolis University in Cyprus (NUP) are fully operational taking advantage of the institution’s new technologies and infrastructure. The entire curriculum, undergraduate and postgraduate, both conventional and distance, is provided without interruption by utilizing the University’s digital infrastructure, know-how and distance education.

At the same time, the University offers electronically, without physical presence, all its services including support for students and academic staff. All NUP Departments, the Admissions and the Finance Department also are in full function, always following the non physical presence rule. For the overall operation of the University, the instructions and provisions received on a daily basis by the competent authorities and institutions of the Republic of Cyprus are strictly observed and respected.

The NUP Rector Professor Pantelis Sklias stated: “I want to express my full satisfaction taking into account that the University responds in such a complex environment with a high sense of professionalism and academic excellence. All University administrative and academic staff , as well as our students community, we all give our best with a high sense of responsibility to make sure that the University continues providing high quality academic services. “


Neapolis University in Cyprus Front

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Neapolis University in Cyprus Front

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Neapolis University in Cyprus Front



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