BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development

The Bachelor in Real Estate Valuation and Development is the first and only undergraduate programme offered in the field of real estate in Cyprus and Greece. The curriculum covers all major aspects of real estate and the programme is recognized by the Cyprus Technical and Scientific Camber (ETEK). Graduates of the programme are able to register as licensed valuators with ETEK and fulfil one of the requirements for applying for a real estate agent license.

Recognized by the Cyprus Technical and Scientific Camber (ETEK)

The programme is recognized by the Cyprus Technical and Scientific Camber (ETEK)



240 ECTS





The Bachelor in Real Estate Valuation and Development is the first and also the only undergraduate programme in the field of real estate in Cyprus and Greece. The curriculum combines academic knowledge with practical experience in order to provide students with the required theoretical knowledge and skills for a successful career. The aim of the programme in Real Estate Valuation and Development is to create highly qualified professionals who will be able to play a leading role in the Real Estate industry, one of the most important sectors of the economy not only in Cyprus but also across the globe. Upon completion of the programme in Real Estate Valuation and Development, graduates will have acquired:

  • Excellent knowledge of both the traditional and modern valuation methods. Each method is examined from both the theoretical and the practical perspective as it relates to the Cyprus real estate market. Students become also very well acquainted with International Valuation Standards (with emphasis on the Standards developed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and how they apply to the local market)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical framework and methods that are used internationally for analysing scientifically local and national real estate markets, real estate portfolios and individual real estate investments
  • Full understanding of the legal framework and particular laws that apply to real estate ownership and transactions in Cyprus
  • The basic technical knowledge for estimating the cost, evaluating, operating and managing a real estate development
  • All those analytical skills and critical thinking that are necessary qualifications for professional advancement
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the rules for professional conduct and sensitivity to the needs of society

The real estate sector is one of the key sectors of the economy not only in Cyprus but also internationally. Economic globalization and the increasing volatility of the local and international economic environment require the use of human resources that have specialized training in this multifaceted field. The Programme in Real Estate Valuation and Development at the Neapolis University offers excellent training in all aspects of the real estate sector and allows the graduates of the programme to pursue career opportunities in a wide range of companies and public organizations.
Petros Sivitanides Real Estate Programme Coordinator.

“Regardless of the economic situation, the real estate sector is at the heart of the buying and investment interest and according to many experts, the real estate development is the key pillar for the exit from the current recession. The Programme in Real Estate Valuation and Development gives students the opportunity to enter this unique area of real estate that provides excellent working conditions and a favourable remuneration.”
Thomas Demopoulos MRICS Lecturer in Real Estate


Besides being able to work in the valuation profession, the graduates of the Bachelor in Real Estate Valuation and Development will have all the required qualifications to pursue positions in a wide range of companies that are active in the Real Estate sector such as real estate agencies, real estate development companies, business consultancy firms, investment advisory companies, property management companies, banks (in real estate financing departments) and many other similar organizations. They will be also able to pursue positions in the public sector and particularly in the land registry, public works departments, city planning departments and local government offices.


The programme in Real Estate Valuation and Development is approved by the Cyprus Technical Chamber and provides full professional certification in the field of Real Estate Valuation. The graduates are also entitled to take the exam organised by the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Registration Council (after acquiring the minimum practical experience required by the Council) in order to become licensed real estate agents.



CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ECON101Principles of MicroeconomicsCompulsory6
PEPS101Computer SkillsCompulsory3
PEPS100Language & CommunicationCompulsory3
MATH100Mathematical MethodsCompulsory6
REAL100Principles of Real EstateCompulsory6
CONS101Construction Technology ICompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ECON102Principles of MacroeconomicsCompulsory6
ACCN100Financial AccountingCompulsory6
STAT103Introduction to StatisticsCompulsory6
PEPS100Language & CommunicationCompulsory3
CONS103Construction Graphics & CADCompulsory3
CONS102Construction Technology IICompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
REAL202Land Planning & Environmental DesignCompulsory6
BUSN202Managerial EconomicsCompulsory6
STAT201Real Estate LawCompulsory6
REAL200Urban and Regional EconomicsCompulsory6
BUSN100Introduction to BusinessCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
BUSN204Principles of MarketingCompulsory6
REAL302Theory and Practice of Real Estate ValuationCompulsory6
REAL203Statistics IICompulsory6
REAL300Real Estate EconomicsCompulsory6
CONS405Project Scheduling & ControlCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
FINA200Financial TheoryCompulsory6
REAL304 Residential Property Analysis and ValuationCompulsory9
REAL306Statutory ValuationCompulsory6
ARCHT06Building ServicesCompulsory3
CONS302Construction EconomicsCompulsory3


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
CONS201Building PathologyCompulsory6
REAL303 GIS Principles and Applications in Real EstateCompulsory6
FINA301Corporate FinanceCompulsory6
REAL305Income Property Analysis and ValuationCompulsory9
ARCHBT103Building Technology: Structural Systems IICompulsory3


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
REAL400Real Estate DevelopmentCompulsory6
REAL401 Real Estate Investment: International and DomesticCompulsory6
REAL402Facilities/Property ManagementCompulsory6
REAL404 Sustainability and Environmental Issues in Real Estate DevelopmentCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
REAL403Real Estate Development PracticeCompulsory6
BUSN412Research MethodsCompulsory6
CONS406Construction ManagementCompulsory6

The Bachelor in Real Estate Valuation and Development comprises 240 credits, which are offered in eight semesters.

First year
The first year curriculum includes introductory courses in various disciplines directly related to Real Estate, such as Economics, Finance, Accounting, Construction, Mathematics and Statistics.

Second year
The second year of study includes some additional introductory courses in Statistics, Finance and Business Administration, as well as some other courses that are directly related to the property market, such as Land Development Planning, Real Estate Law, Urban and Regional Economics, Real Estate Economics, and Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Valuation.

Third year
The courses in the third year focus on various aspects of property valuation, such as Residential Property Valuation, Commercial Property Valuation, Statutory Valuations, Building Pathology and Construction Economics.

Fourth year
In the fourth year students study the various aspects and stages of the land development process, including investment, environmental and management aspects, both during the construction of the project and after its completion. In addition, students must complete a dissertation, which gives them the opportunity to develop their research skills and carry out an in-depth study of a topic of their choice.


The University reserves its right to define the electives offered on an academic year basis.


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Petros Sivitanides

Associate Professor in Real Estate

Head of the Department of Real Estate

Coordinator of the Master in Real Estates

Petros Sivitanides holds a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Real Estate Economics and a Master in City Planning from Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States.

Thomas Dimopoulos

Lecturer in Real Estate

Coordinator of the BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development

Thomas Dimopoulos is PhD candidate at Cyprus University of Technology at the Department of Civil Enginering & Geomatics. He holds an M.Eng. in Rural and Surveying Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessalonica...
Graduates of the programme have a competitive advantage in pursuing employment opportunities in any company or organization that is active in the real estate sector in Cyprus or abroad.

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