The basic principle that governs both the Department, as well as its Programmes, is the development of humanistic values within the framework of the wider academic field, securing all the necessary technical tools and means that graduates will require to succeed in their professional lives. The Programmes exist as distinct disciplines with the relevant degrees, which support and interact with each other on an organizational, operational and academic level.

This goal is achieved with the:

  • Students’ active participation in the educational process and all the Department’s events and activities.
  • Consideration of every student as an independent personality.
  • Accreditation and operation of flexible and constantly developing study programmes.
  • Emphasis on the research aspects of studies.
  • Active participation in scientific and technological developments.


Department of Architects Engineers, University of Ioannina

Cyprus Architects Association

and also with:

  • Municipalities of Paphos, Geroskipou and Polis Chrysochous.
  • Communities of Chloraka and Inia.
  • Cultural organisation “ex-Artis”.
  • Cyprus Department of Antiquities.
  • Architectural Offices and Technical Companies.




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Solon Xenopoulos

Professor of Architecture

Dean, School of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences

Coordinator of the Bachelor & Diploma in Architecture and MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Management (EIASM)

Solon Xenopoulos is an Architect, qualified at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (1966) with Postgraduate Studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College, London…

Julia Georgi

Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture

Coordinator of the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Dr. Julia Georgi is an Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences, Neapolis University of Pafos (Cyprus) and Member of Senate Committee of Neapolis University (2013-2018).

Jason Georgiades

Assistant Professor

Coordinator of the MA in Digital Video Production

Jason Georgiades (1986) is a Greek-American filmmaker, producer, musician and educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received his B.A. in Studio Arts in 2010 from the University of Pittsburgh and his M.F.A. degree in Film Directing…

Evanthia Dova

Lecturer of Architecture

Evanthia Dova graduated from the School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) with distinction (1998) and holds a Master of Architecture (MArch II) from the Yale University…

Angeliki Sivitanidou

Lecturer of Architecture

Angeliki Sivitanidou (1978) is a Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USA) with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Architecture…

Ioannis A. Pissourios

Assistant Professor of Urban Design

Ioannis Pissourios holds a Diploma of Architecture (Dipl Eng) and an MSc in Geography and Cartography. He also holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and pursued Post-Doctorate Research in Urban Planning…

Charalambos Charalambous

Lecturer in the ΜΑ in DVP

He graduated from the Drama and Film Department of the University of Exeter (2005 to 2006) and received his MA in Film Studies with Distinction. His postgraduate dissertation project was the short docudrama τριΚυμία (2006)…

Michalis Sioulas

Special Teaching Staff

Michalis Sioulas is a Special Teaching Staff member at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Sciences, as well as member of the Senate of the University (since 2014). He graduated in 2005 from the School of Architecture…

Eleni Hadjinikolaou

Special Teaching Staff

Eleni Hadjinicolaou is an architect, with undergraduate studies, MA degree in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) (1974-1979), and postgraduate studies, MSc in Advanced Architectural Studies…

Demetrios Antoniou

Visiting Assistant Professor Architectural Design and Building Technology

Dimitrios Antoniou (1964) studied Architecture in NTU of Athens (1989). He holds a Master of Architecture in the Urban Landscape from University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1991)…

A multifocal and interdisciplinary department which combines the basic aspects of Architecture with technology, industry, environmental concern and art.

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