The architecture of future cities: planning for post-covid 19, resourceful communities

13/04 - 13/04 @ 16:00

The Department of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences alongside professor Agatino Rizzo are proud to present the seminar: “The architecture of future cities: planning for post-covid 19, resourceful communities”


Covid-19 has accelerated the existing conflicts regarding the use of land and resources in small and large cities worldwide. However, we still design and build in the same way we have done for the past 50 years. A new architecture for “resource-rich communities” – where regional, small-scale resource management is an integral part of buildings and urban design – is absolutely necessary to rebuild today’s urban areas.
Speaker: Agatino Rizzo
Agatino Rizzo, professor, is the chair of the architecture research group at Lulea University of Technology. The group consists of about 20 researchers and teachers who conduct research, undergraduate and postgraduate education with a focus on sustainable buildings, transport, and urban environments. Agatino’s interests focus on the nexus between resources and urbanization, urban experiments/labs, and participatory design/planning.
Location: Neapolis University Pafos Architecture Studio 2
The event will be held in a hybrid format. Watch here.
The event is open to public.


  • Date: 13/04 - 13/04
  • Time: 16:00