Iosif Kapellakis


Lecturer in Environmental Fluid Mechanics


Dr Iosif Kapellakis is a Lecturer on Environmental Fluid Mechanics. He holds three undergraduate degrees – BSc in Civil Engineering, BSc (Hons) in Environmental Civil Engineering, and BEng in Structural Engineering, two postgraduate diplomas – MSc in Energy and Environmental Management and MSc in Structural Engineering, and a Doctorate Diploma -PhD on Wastewater Management, Water Resources, and Solidification Process. He has also completed his Postdoctoral research in Wastewater Management and Water Resources as a fellowship of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food. His area of expertise focuses on issues dealing with water resources management, wastewater management and treatment methods, as well the environmental impacts caused by the uncontrolled disposal of agro-industrial wastewaters. Over the past twenty years, he has been involved in various water-oriented EU and International Research Programs. He has numerous presentations in national and international Conferences and has published his findings at well-known peer-reviewed journals. The last 15 years he is also employed as a Freelancer Engineer-certified Building Energy Inspector, Building Inspector, and Real Estate Agent. Running his own Technical and Real Estate Firm, he has designed and supervised more than 30 building structures with various uses, performed more than 50 energy inspections, and elaborated more than 1,200 surveying plans.