Kyriaki Sotiropoulou


Visiting Lecturer


Dr Kyriaki Sotiropoulou is a Psychologist and Doctor of Counseling/Work Psychology from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Scholarship of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology,2001), holder of two Psychology Degrees with distinction and a Master of Science in Counselling & Vocational Guidance. She also holds skills’ accreditation-certification in Clinical Psychopathology,Cognitive-Behavioural and Systemic therapy from Eginition Hospital (University of Athens A΄Department of Psychiatry)and in Parents’ Group Counseling(M.Hourdaki’s developmental system). She is also a certified trainer in Adult Education. She has been working as a professional licensed Psychologist since 1998 in community mental health and social services of the public sector in Greece. She also worked in public primary schools, in the counselling center of International School of Athens, as an Academic Advisor in the Hellenic NARIC (DOATAP) for 4 years, and in a public Parents’ Counseling and Education School for 7 years. She is also scientific Associate and work stress trainer in the National Center of Public Administration and Local Government-Institute of Training (EKDDA-INEP). She’s got a long term experience in lecturing in her academic field in various postgraduate programmes in Institutions of Higher Education in Greece and has been a Visiting Academician in the Department of Psychology-School of Health Sciences in Neapolis University Paphos since 2015, lecturing in the fields of Career Counselling and Counselling Ethics.

Her research interests concern Counseling/Work Psychology and particularly work stress and work well-being, new forms of work, EAP programmes and work/family balance. Other academic interests refer to professional ethics, multiculturalism, psychopathology and diagnostic methods, CBT psychotherapy of stress and depression issues, as well as developmental psychology and parents’ counseling. She is a full member of the Hellenic Psychologists Association as well as the Hellenic Psychological Society (ELPSE) (Divisions of Counselling and Work-Occupational Psychology). Lastly, she’s got many announcements in Hellenic and international scientific conferences of her academic interests and areas, as well as published academic work.