Greek Language Programme







Eligibility to attend the teaching programs of the Greek Language School are:

  • Students of European Educational Programs such as Erasmus students which attend a semester based program at NUP. (In addition, for the Erasmus students, the certificate of participation in courses of the Greek language, follows the ECTS system and complies with the conditions 1ECTS / 30 hours of teaching, participation in lectures and seminars)
  • Foreign Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD candidate students of Neapolis University Pafos.
  • Students of foreign Universities which have concluded academic cooperation Protocols with Neapolis University Pafos and are residents in the university premises for semester to come.


  1. Greek Language School intensive language preparation program
  2. Training program under cooperation protocols with academic institutions and foundations (By request of the institution/foundation)
  3. Programs funded by governmental bodies following requests of interest and submission of proposals (following acceptance by NUP on request of the funded program).
  4. Greek Summer School (upon prior first scheduling and announcement and based on minimum application of students -8-.


The experienced academic staff of the School, offers the opportunity to learn the Greek language in an easy, comprehensive for professional use scientific way.

The scientific responsibility of the programs which are designed and implemented by the School of Greek Language, have the regular members of the School.

Along with the lessons of Greek as a foreign/second language, we offer the ability to hear out and attend scientific lectures.

These lectures can be offered (by schedule only) by, both faculty members of NUP or non-members of the school or as invited distinguished scientists. These topics relate to to history, art, culture and traditions of the ancient, Hellenistic, Byzantine, modern and contemporary Greek era throughout the academic year.


Students of the Greek Language School are taught Greek as a foreign/ second language once we complete integration into sections corresponding to the level of Greek language  levels and needs.

For those interested students request should be made to the secretariat of the school by email by the initiation of the following academic semester. Students need to be registered as students of NUP at any program offered from the university.

Following this, qualifying examinations take place with main aim to shape teaching sections (depending on the language level of students).

Different sections apply: a) beginners’ class b) intermediate c) advanced.

Textbooks are selected according to the educational needs of each class. The professional use and communication method is used for professional preparation within the class itself coordinated by the teacher.  Use of new technologies and technology method is also used.

Studies in Greek language uses the library-reading rooms and media labs whilst also reading/preparation resources (physical or online) to study

For teaching purposes, the school provides both teachers and students with use of audiovisual material which links will be accessible on the online platform (Moodle) that will be set up for them as a teaching language code.

Neapolis University offers to students registered for academic programs the ability to use for language training purpose the following:

  • Central Library
  • Student Identity
  • Student discounts
  • Sport facilities
  • Student cafeteria / restaurant

Lecture attendance and certificates

The Greek Language School, gives a certificate of attendance to all students of the program which certifies:

  1. The duration of study hours
  2. Student’s performance
  3. Greek language level

Greek language level Certificate

With the completion of the courses, final exams take place. Students who managed to succeed in completing the exams, are provided what we refer to as “Performance Certificates”, following the grades of teaching faculty testifying their final grades and the language proficiency level.

For the erasmus students who take greek courses and complete the semester based language, the certificate of participation in courses of the Greek language, will be granted following the ECTS system complying with the conditions 1ECTS / 30 hours of teaching, participation in lectures and seminars.


The University reserves its right to define the electives offered on an academic year basis.

The programme structure may change without prior notice, as a result of quality assurance procedures or/and programme recertification.


Register your interest by sending an email to the secretariat of the school of History, Politics and International Studies. We will then contact you with guidance and additional information towards all registered students. Interest of language classes closes upon the end of the first week of semester classes each semester.