Neapolis University in Cyprus:New research findings regarding the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cyprus and its effects on the mental health of the population


September 3, 2021

Dear members of our University’s Academic community,

Following the relevant decision of its Senate, Neapolis University Pafos has already announced the start of the winter semester for the academic year 2021-2022 with the physical presence of its academic community within its building infrastructure and the in-person process of conventional educational teaching.

The relevant protocols of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the defined rules of entry and residence in public spaces below, will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure the health, safety and comfortable living and function on the University’s premises of all members of the academic community, but also to avoid the spread of the pandemic to the local community of Paphos and the wider region where you live.


In particular, access to all of the University’s facilities will be permitted only to students, members of the teaching and administrative staff and other visitors, who own and present a safe pass or present a negative molecular PCR test or rapid antigen test (rapid test) 72 hours prior to arrival and entry into the facilities.


The detailed way of control and implementation of the above rules will be announced by the University at Friday, September 10. 

In addition, according to the current protocols and the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers, teaching areas will be used up to 2/3 of their total capacity. In case of a more recent or different decision, the corresponding adjustment will be made.

In cases where, due to the size of the audience and the capacity of the room, teaching with the physical presence of all students is not possible, provisions will be made, so that, utilizing the available online education tools, students who are unable to participate in person due to reaching full capacity will be able to access and participate in the learning process via the notes of each lesson posted on Moodle and to communicate during set hours with the tutors to discuss/answer questions, etc.

In this case, priority in securing a place in the classroom will be given to students who meet the above conditions in order of reduced risk.

The final examinations will be carried out with the physical presence of all students in the examination areas, observing all the above conditions and applicable safety protocols.


Dear students, dear colleagues,


With this decision and the specific method of its implementation, we wish to fully ensure the health, safe living and return to normality of the provision of our educational and support services to our student community.


At the same time, we support the painstaking effort of the Republic, addressing the youth, urging and encouraging all of you to be vaccinated to stop the spread of the pandemic and its unfortunate consequences for the social and productive fabric of our homeland.


Already, a significant number of the 20-29 age group in our country have been vaccinated and we encourage the most reluctant and the rest of you in this direction (always according the guides and advices of your personal doctor),  with the knowledge that the student community has always been a pioneer in the pursuit of scientific truth, with full confidence in the scientifically substantiated research and now in its empirical application for the benefit of our people, our community, but also of humanity as a whole according to the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Control as well as the global research and medical community.


We are certain that this decision will mark a further return to academic normalcy and will be viewed very positively by the entire student community, as well as the wider society of Paphos.

Paphos 03.09.2021

Professor Pantelis Sklias

Rector of Neapolis University Pafos

Disclaimer: Please note that the University renounces from the outset any responsibility in the event that, any alternative method of participation in the educational process for those, who voluntarily follow it, is deemed insufficient (due to the requirements to attend courses with physical presence) by any competent authority inside and outside the Republic of Cyprus for the recognition of their degree.



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December 3, 2021

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