[:en]High Level Digital Services from the Library During Extraordinary Conditions of Operation atNeapolis University in Cyprus[:gr]Ψηφιακές Υπηρεσίες Υψηλού Επιπέδου από τη Βιβλιοθήκη κατά τις Έκτακτες Συνθήκες Λειτουργίας

High Level Digital Services from the Library During Extraordinary Conditions of Operation

June 18, 2020

The NUP University Library significantly contributes to the successful delivery of conventional education to the members of the student community in online distance form. The Library provides the NUP academic community with comprehensive online support throughout the academic activity, via modern electronic systems and comprehensive solutions, as well as an advanced continuous service to its users.

Specifically, during the last 3 months the following has been achieved:

  1. 315.915 pages have been digitalised through the Greek language literature through the Speech Collective Project Management Agency (ΟΣΔΕΛ) which have been uploaded onto Moodle for use by the student community.
  2. Additional access to new databases with reliable and reputable research material has been provided, such as Kallipos, gr, Academia Edu, and National Emergency Library.
  3. The user guides for the Library’s services have been updated for the optimal use of the library’s tools, the use of the Turnitin plagiarism application, search / access to electronic books, articles, etc.
  4. Continuous communication and support of the Academic Community using alternative methods of distant communication, telephones, emails and teleconferences,
  5. The lending services with libraries of Cyprus and Greece have remained active for the sending of e-books and articles for our students, as we have the largest lending network of all the Private Academic Libraries in Cyprus.
  6. The integration of electronic resources (direct and easy access to 20 million articles and over 1.2M e-books).
  7. Active participation in the process of creating a single framework for the reopening of Libraries with a protocol of health and safety for the Academic Community.
  8. Investment in electronic equipment of cutting-edge technology to meet increased demands.


At the same time, the Library’s scientific staff have continued to inform, support, educate and train the University’s academic community on how to optimise the use of its capabilities and the efficient use of its services, delivering educational online seminars and electronic guides.

Neapolis University in Cyprus objective of constantly upgrading its strategic infrastructure and investing in its human resources, ensures in this difficult time the University’s ability to continue to provide reliable and quality education, as well as contribute in all possible ways to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic disease.


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