Host a Student this Christmas

December 3, 2021

Neapolis University Pafos, in an effort to combat social exclusion and other discriminations implements the program “Host a student at Christmas” for the first time.
Many of our foreign students who do not have the opportunity to return to their country are usually spending the Christmas and other holidays alone at the University.
The above program of the University will try to bring students in contact with local families who would like to invite one or more students to spend the Christmas day with them. Cypriot hospitality is not only words but is also proven by deeds.
If you would like to invite a student to your Christmas table, please contact Ms. Tatiana Zachariadou, Head of the Student Social Support Services at Neapolis University Pafos, at 96424905 or [email protected]
All safety protocols on both sides will be followed by Covid-19.


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