NEAPOLIS UNIVERSITY in Cyprus: International Centre of Research and Innovation

International Centre of Research and Innovation

April 21, 2021

The 13th International Scientific Conference of the Economies of the Balkan and Eastern European Countries (EBEEC 2021 will be held online on the 14-15th May 2021, under the co-organisation of Neapolis University in Cyprus and the Department of Accounting and Finance of the International Hellenic University.

During the Conference, 17 sessions will be held, during which more than three hundred (300) academics, researchers and experts from Universities, Research Centres, National and International Organisations from more than 15 countries, will focus and analyse in more than 115 presentations the data, trends and prospects of cutting-edge scientific research and knowledge, such as macroeconomics, finance, the primary sector and production, international trade and labour relations, health, education, tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Neapolis University in Cyprus, through its proclaimed strategic axis of operation of continuously aiming for academic excellence and the continuous contribution to the knowledge society, by organising and participating in the EBEEC2021 International Conference, once again makes the city of Paphos the centre of creation and dissemination of new knowledge, presents and strengthens international good practices, and contributes to the scientific dialogue and pioneering research by presenting new prospects of proposals and solutions to contemporary economic and social issues at the national and international level.


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