KEAN Conference Presents: Hidden “Green Routes” of Athens; with Support of the Green Fund – Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE)

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On the 16th of May, 2018, at a conference organised by KEAN, celebrating the initiation of the “Green Fund” by Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE), Dr Julia Georgi, Associate Professor and President of the School of Architecture, Land, and Environmental Sciences at Neapolis University in Cyprus, gave a presentation on “’Green Routes’ and its Significance to the Project of Consolidating Athenian Routes”. Landscape Architect (MSc) and official Scientific Partner to the conference Danae Ioannou, presented initial results of the project “Green Paths in Coterminous Municipalities”

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Socrates Famelos, was briefed by both Dr. Georgi and President of KEAN, Stavros Milioni as to the conference’s objectives and the creation of Athenian “Green Routes” aimed at improving both the city’s of microclimate and biodiversity.

Mr George Protopapas, Architect and Director of the Green Fund, Mrs Evi Stefan of the MEE’s Design, Metropolitan, Urban and Peripheral Areas managerial staff, Mr N. Babalos, Mayor of New Iraklio, Mrs Maria Papanagiotaki, Vice-Mayor of Aghion (Saints) Anarguron and Mr Constantinos Georgiou, Director of the Athens Office of Durability and Sustainability all helped welcome in the event, followed subsequently by fruitful and constructive dialogue.

Conference Presentation: Athens’s Hidden “Green Routes”; with support of the Green Fund - Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE) of Greece