Prof. Const. GE. Athanasopoulos was awarded the “12 Star European Award”

05/11/18 Back

On the 3rd of May, Professor and President of Neapolis University’s School of Law and Social Sciences, Prof. Constantine G.E. Athanasopoulos was awarded the 2018 European Twelve Star Award (PRIX EUROPÉEN DES 12 ÉTOILES) in Brussels, Belgium.

Thirty-five signatories comprised the award’s proposal, amongst them Members of the European Parliament, Committee, EU Economic and Social Committee, the European Investment Bank, member nation delegates, NATO, the Greek Orthodox Diocese in Brussels, the UN, Belgian, British and German professors, EU program consultants, and more.

Amongst other things made reference to during the award’s acceptance was:

“The Great value of the 35 year long running Scientific Gatherings of non-profit organisations, and in particular the participation in such gatherings of Greek and Cypriot Students and Academics from various school and universities holding seats in European Organisations (Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg), other International Organisations such as NATO, the UN, and Diplomatic personel.

Professor Athansopoulos’s Eurocentric contributions to the Scientific and Academic community, is considered an invaluable life long work worthy of academic and sociological recognition, especially in light of the 52nd Scientific Congregation of Young Hellenic Scholars, students, and EU representatives in Brussels on the 1st to the 4th of May 2018, in which more than 40 Academics and postdoc/doctoral students from Greece, Cyprus and other countries took part.”