Simulation Games for Innovative Academic Knowledge and Excellence Skills

April 14, 2021

The integration of state of-the-art business simulation games in the Curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate Programmes and more specific, in BSc of Business Administration, BSc in Digital Business,  MBA, MBA in Tourism, MSc in Digital Marketing, MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance, constitutes a significant comparative advantage for the Neapolis University students’ community, as it modernizes the way of teaching, results to better learning outcomes and  improves their skills and knowledge face to face with the challenges of real market.

During the last academic year more than 250 students already benefited by participating in such simulation’s exercises, allowing them to put theory into practice in real life business scenarios.

The game-like nature of business simulations is proven to engage participants to develop deep learning and professional soft skills, such as collaboration, leadership, critical thinking and crisis management. Also, to develop a holistic way of thinking, commercial attitude, decision-making capabilities and strategic skills as well. In addition, participants gain invaluable experience in teamwork and problem solving.

As the most important outcome of business simulation games, participants fully comprehend the different elements of the strategic decision -making process, the interconnection and interaction with each other and their impact on the company’s overall results and development.

Experiential learning methodology is the foundation of business simulations providing a higher level of knowledge retention compared to other instruction methods and can be applied on line either in a classroom, hybrid or virtual format.

The fresh and contemporary approaches of learning procedure provision incorporated in the above cutting-edge Study Programmes of the University, constitute a significant advantage of academic leadership for Neapolis University in Cyprus and a critical contribution to its declared aim of producing and providing applied knowledge with academic excellence and innovative perspective.


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November 10, 2023