Neapolis University in Cyprus Strategic Participation in International Conference for the Touristic Industry

Strategic Participation in International Conference for the Touristic Industry

June 3, 2021

A Digital Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management (ICTHM 2021) will be held on the 5-8 June 2021 in Athens under the organization of “Action for the Development of Tourism and Tourism Education” (DRATTE) and the cooperation of University of West Attica and Shaanxi University of Technology with subject ‘Let’s turn pandemic into an opportunity” and more specific topics, such as: Tourism and Hospitality management; Human Resources; Architectural space in tourism facilities, etc.

During the Conference 10 sessions will be held, in which numerous academics, researchers and Tourism professionals from Universities and Research Centers will focus and analyze in more than 40 presentations the data, trends and prospects of key point items of Touristic industry, as air-transports and tourism, cultural heritage, marine tourism, etc., in conjunction with the development policies at after-covid era.

Furthermore, 10 students of MBA in Tourism Study Programme of Neapolis University will have the opportunity to present their own scientific articles, a fact which highlights the increased capability of University student community to conduct high-end apply research.

Neapolis University in Cyprus, through its proclaimed strategic axis of operation aiming to  academic excellence and the continuous contribution to the knowledge society, with its scientific participation and strategic support at  ICTHM CONFERENCE 2021 DRATTE conforms the scientific discussion and pioneering research in matters of economic development; participates in excellent international academic practices and empowers the interaction and interconnection of its successful Study Programmes in Business Administration, especially of MBA in Tourism, with the real market world and the important touristic industry at  national and international level.