Students’ Participation in the Conference for the “European Year of Youth”

December 19, 2022

The Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus organized on November 23, 2022 a one-day Conference for the European Year of Youth in Limassol, which was attended by students of Neapolis University Pafos.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on topics that concern youths, such as mental health and well-being, a sustainable green Europe, quality employment and learning and gender equality, to participate in interactive workshops and to be informed about training seminars and European Networks and Programmes, which are implemented in Cyprus.

Some of the students’ comments of their participation in the conference were as follows:

Taking part in the European Year of Youth event has been an interesting opportunity to get in contact with the world of European institutions. I have especially appreciated the conference about “Jobs in Europe” that provided practical advice and useful websites in the field of employment that would surely help me for my future career“- S.Zottarelli, ERASMUS student.

Participating in the European Year of Youth event was a really nice choice. I strongly enjoyed the well-organised event and the discussions on various topics. The most interesting was about job opportunities in the EU where there were provided useful links with jobs in all EU countries“-Z. Semancikova, ERASMUS student.

The event was really well organised. The people were welcoming and helpful. The food offered to us was really good. I personally liked the conference on gender equality. We could talk with the lecturers at the need and it was a really interesting conversation “-A. Matillon, ERASMUS student.

Thank you for the opportunity! I enjoyed the debates on equality of gender and being able to discuss with the lecturers! They were very welcoming and open to discussion. Simply loved it “-M. Passchier, ERASMUS student.

The opportunity has been appreciated. The topics were broad and relevant. It was a great opportunity for networking, as well. The whole event was well organised and it was a pleasure to attend. Thank you! “-L. Mathilde, ERASMUS student.