Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with TA GROUP S.A.R.L.

August 1, 2022

A Memorandum of Understanding between Neapolis University Pafos and TA GROUP S.A.R.L was signed on July 15, 2022 in order to establish cooperation and a mutual commitment in exchanging know-how and knowledge while promoting common actions and initiatives.

TA GROUP S.A.R.L. is a diversified growing company based in Beirut (Lebanon), dealing with engineering, construction and specialty contracting with over 28 years of experience. The company nurtures a philosophy of an unending process of development, adopting construction related innovative techniques and giving solutions to improve the energy efficiency in dropping building energy usage.

The Memorandum of Understanding benefits both parties and offers multiple advantages to students and young researchers. It includes, among others, the provision of TA GROUP S.A.R.L.’s special materials/devices/equipment for further investigation and research as well as for the use of students of the Department of Civil Engineering during the relative courses. Additionally, the students and graduates of the Department will learn how to use this special materials /devices/equipment and solutions offered for their own future use.

Neapolis University Pafos aims at developing creative collaborations in order to create a network of high expertise as well as to promote research and innovation at educational and research level.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. John Bellos, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and by Mr. Hassan Saab, CEO of TA GROUP S.A.R.L.

Dr. Anthos Ioannou, visiting academic staff of Structural Analysis and Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Structures at the Department of Civil Engineering, Mrs. Soulafa Saab, Deputy CEO of TA GROUP S.A.R.L. as well as the Officers of the Liaison Office of Neapolis University Pafos were also present at the signing.