The Computer Science Department of the University attends the Robotex International 2019 contest

Computer Science Department of Neapolis University in Cyprus attends the Robotex International 2019 contest

The Computer Science Department of Neapolis University in Cyprus in cooperation with the new established company Robotics Lab, managed to be distinguished during the Robotex International 2019 contest, which was carried out in Estonia.

More specifically, the performance of the robots managed to rank them as the third fastest team in the World in the highly competitive category line-following. This category attracts the interest of Universities, and the success of the Cypriot team is a remarkable honour, considering its small experience.

The cooperation of Neapolis University in Cyprus with the Robotics Lab company managed to secure its participation in the Robotex 2019 contest, as the team won during the Robotex Cyprus 2019, under the Universities category.

The Robots which participated in the final phase of the International Contest, have been designed, manufactured and programmed, with the aim of presenting an innovative idea and a new technology.

At the core of the robot’s navigation methodology is an algorithm for fusing a camera’s input data with infrared sensor data, processing them with a triple control algorithm that uses closed-loop, open-loop and Fuzzy Logic control techniques and their output of the vehicle.

The use of the visual information for tracking the robot’s trajectory makes this technology innovative. For the first time in the long history of the competition, robotic vehicles competed using technology that imitates the human vision. Furthermore, technologies that have been adopted in the car navigation industry are modified, so that they can operate on low-cost training robots. As a result, the Robots of  Neapolis University in Cyprus and the Robotics Lab Team, have attracted the attention of the attendees and other participants.

The Researchers have succeeded to achieve the desired result, using a simple, low speed and low capabilities microprocessor, that belongs in the Arduino family. The also used a video camera low frame refresh rate (60 fps) and a simple 8-position analog output infrared sensor from Pololu Company. The rest of the parts of the robot have been either designed and printed in 3D Printer, or designed and developed from the beginning for the specific project.

The team of Neapolis University in Cyprus consisted of the Postgraduate students Yianno Eleftheriou (CEO of the Robotics Lab Company), Konstantina Hatziyianni, Dr. Zinon Zinonos, Lecturer at the Computer Science Department, Dr. Savva Chatzichristofi, Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department and Mr. Andrea Charalambous, Campus Director.


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