Life at the University Campus

Life at Neapolis University Campus is a unique experience much enjoyed by students during their studies it leads to a building of precious moments and memories that last a lifetime as the student residents develop academically and socially. Neapolis University is committed to creating a convenient and safe environment and has established a diverse, multilingual, multicultural university community, which respects and enhances the free exchange of ideas and lifestyles.

The location of the university campus, the various facilities and services create the ideal environment to encourage knowledge, work and student life, allowing each student to enrich his experiences during his studies.
The campus is conveniently located is the heart of town with many amenities within walking distance, such as bus stops, banks, beaches, bars & restaurants, a shopping mall and cafes.
There are daily bus routes that interconnect the town and offer connections to all other cities and airports.



The University Campus offers high quality accommodation within the premises. Student rooms are fully furnished, spacious, airy, well lit and have a bathroom and a balcony overlooking the sea or indoor gardens. There is easy access to the rooms and contacting public areas.The accommodation available at Neapolis University in Cyprus complements the campus and provides students with an exceptional living experience alongside their studies.  Accommodation is available to all students studying at Neapolis and they have the choice of the campus at the University or at Paphos Gardens.




Neapolis University’s campus restaurant offers a wide selection of homemade food with a choice of local and international dishes. The restaurant area is designed and adequately equipped to function as a cafeteria and hosts a variety of entertainment events.



Fitness Centre

Given the co-relation between physical and mental health and well-being, at Neapolis University both sports and fitness are heavily promoted and encouraged. The campus has a gym, outdoor pool, sauna, changing rooms and modern tennis courts. The gym provides the following programs:

  • – Crossfit workouts (A strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied movements executed in high intensity)
  • – Functional workouts (A specialized circuit  fitness program based on functional movements)
  • – Fat Burning workouts (A combination of cardio training and strength building exercises helping to burn fat and build into muscle)
  • – Performance for athletes (This program is the most comprehensive and effective training program which is designed for our students athletes to maximize their athletic potentials)
  • – Core Abs workouts (This abs and core workout involves a variety of exercises designed to strengthen the rectus abdominis, obliques, the transverse abdominis and the erector spinae leading to a flat stomach)




Student Clubs

By creating sport clubs, students have the opportunity to participate in many university sporting events, competitions and other events, organized by municipalities of the province of Paphos, such as the international beach volley matches of the Municipality of Yeroskipou, the marathon of Akamas, the cycling of Kouklia and the amateur swimming and tennis competitions of Paphos. The Mountaineering and Climbing Club organizes climbing routes, mountaineering and trekking. Students of Neapolis also participate in diving centres that explore the shores of Paphos and Akamas region and its rich marine life. In addition, the Music and Theatre Club aims to achieve a combination of academic teaching and Fine Arts.

The activities of this club include collaborations with theatre music and dance clubs and organizations to conduct courses of theatre, music and dance, as well as for organizing dance events, theatrical performances within and outside the University grounds. The Social Reflection Club supports, promotes and enhances actively the creative work of each free thinking and active student. The Neapolis University encourages students to engage actively in the creation of additional clubs to enable all students to develop and express their particular personal and social interests and skills.



Student Union and Society Association

Key objectives of both student societies organizations is to represent students in a public institution, the preservation and promotion of the identity of students at the University and in the wider society, the socio-political development in the context of their activities and the promotion and resolution of student problems. Through the operation of societies organizations, the student Union organizations of the University promote various student activities and cultivate friendships, respect, cooperation and mutual understanding between students of different ethnicities, cultures, ideologies, opinions and interests.