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The former Deputy Secretary – General of the United Nations, Dr. Sotirios Mousouris gave a speech on “The United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Struggle and Diversion” at the University

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The event held on Friday 13 May 2016, at the Neapolis University in Cyprus with keynote speaker Dr. Sotirios Mousouris, which was attended by professors and students of the University, was extremely successful. The event was moderated by Dr. Thomas Nectarios Papanastasiou, Assistant Professor of the School of Law of the Neapolis University. Addresses were given by Anastasia Grammatikaki – Alexiou, Professor of Law Department in the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, and Epaminondas Korakides, President of the Paphos Bar Associated Committee.

In his address, Dr. Mourouris, emphasised some of the most important operations of the United Nations in areas such as the promotion and protection of Human Rights; Apartheid and racial discrimination; the war in the former Yugoslavia; Afghanistan; combating international terrorism, the Islamic Fundamentalism, and the Cyprus political issue.

Moreover, Dr. Mousouris explained that the role of the United Nations’ peace operations is a tool to maintain and restore international peace and development; further, he identified the obstacles to reaching the peaceful coexistence vision, amongst them, the heavy pressure from world powers and the rivalries that exist between East and West.

Finally, Dr. Mousouris referred to the function of Universities in today’s rapidly changing society to promote the peaceful coexistence of nations and the pursuit of sustainable development around the globe.