Master of Banking, Investment and Finance

Programme Description

The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance provides specialized and high level knowledge in the fields of Banking, Investment and Finance in to people working or wishing to follow a career in financial services, banks, investment and brokerage companies, or companies in the public and private sector.

The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance combines theoretical training provision, so that students are able to deepen their scientific developments in the field, with practical training approach to the analysis of real situations. Practical exercises include analyzing the financial performance of companies, formulating and implementing investment strategies, measurement and management of market and credit risk, measuring the value of shares and businesses, training strategy and financial evaluation of alternative financial resources and investment. All students are required to submit a dissertation.

The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance is taught by highly qualified academics with rich academic experience that are active in research and consulting in the field of Banking and Finance. Their specialties extend to the fields of Finance, including: Portfolio and Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Financial Econometrics, Derivatives, Financial Mathematics, sale and purchase of securities and Technical Analysis.

“This specialized MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance will contribute significantly to enhancing your professional qualifications and will make you competitive in the employment market. The highly trained academic staff, the theoretical and practical knowledge offered in the field of Finance, and the flexibility of the programme make the NUP MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance the best investment for your future.
Michailina Shiakalli Lecturer of Finance

Programme Structure

The Master of Science in Banking, Investment and Finance consists of six compulsory courses, providing in-depth coverage of the basic principles in Banking, Investment and Finance. According to their interests, the students may choose specialized courses, such as Asset Management, Derivatives, Risk Measurement and Management of Market, International Finance, Technical Analysis and Financial Forecast, Financial Mathematics etc.

The dissertation is an important part of our pedagogical philosophy and provides an opportunity for students to develop independent and critical approach to the analysis of business situations.

Simulated trading platform

The Simulated trading platform is a programme that simulates the behaviour of the market conditions so that students of the programme are able to process data, assess situations and make decisions within time frames similar to those of actual market.

The platform is used in almost all lessons and helps students to become familiar with the practice of buying and selling securities, the composition and portfolio management, application methods of technical analysis, forecasting change values and labelling and risk control.

The classes of the Master of Science in Banking, Investment and Finance is are offered at weekends, so as to it can be accessible to those who work; the Programme is supported by an electronic management system – the Moodle.

Career Prospects

The graduates can work in investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, asset management companies and financial institutions. A career in the field of Banking, Investment and Finance is exciting and rewarding. The world of Finance, with the diverse career opportunities and continuous demand for skilled personnel offers attractive career options for holders of this Postgraduate degree.

Duration of Study

The Master of Banking, Investment and Finance lasts four semesters and the course is taught in English.

Financial Risk Management

The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance, provides the possibility of specialization in the field of Financial Risk Management. The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance covers all the topics required for the certification exam of the Professional Risk Managers International Association ( Upon successful completion of the program, students will have acquired a postgraduate degree from a recognized University and at the same time they will be fully prepared to attend the examinations of the professional certificate of PRMIA. By the end of the first year of study, students may take the examinations I & II of PRMIA and then, upon completion of the Program, the examinations III & IV.

The MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance is provided through a combination teaching (approximately one weekend per month) and e-learning technology to be accessible to those working or living far away from Pafos.


PRMIA is a non-profit association of professionals managing risk and is managed by a Board of Directors, which is elected directly by participation of all its members. Union members, which are more than 80,000, originate from 207 countries. The Union is represented worldwide by 60 countries through local branches.

PRMIA aims at improving occupational risk management worldwide, such as the interconnection of professionals, academics and researchers, students and other stakeholders in the areas of Risk Management.

The Specializations of the MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance courses are:

  • Market Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk


The Course Structure of the Master of Banking, Investment and Finance is as follows:

CodeCourse TitleECTS

Core subjects

MFIN500Quantitative Methods in Finance 6.0
MFIN510Financial Theory and Valuation Models 6.0
MFIN520Economics for Financial Markets 6.0
MFIN530 Derivative Securities 6.0
MFIN540Corporate Finance and Financial Management 6.0
MFIN550 Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis 3.0
MFIN555 Managerial Accounting 3.0

5 Elective subjects (30 credits)

MFIN545 Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning6.0
MFIN535Fixed Income Securities 6.0
MFIN550 Derivatives Trading 6.0
MFIN560 Banking Operations and Management 6.0
MFIN565 International Money and Banking 6.0
MFIN570 Investment Banking and Private Equity 6.0
MFIN556 Market and Credit Risk Management 6.0
MFIN575 Behavioural Finance 6.0
MFIN580 Technical Analysis and Financial Forecasting6.0
MFIN575 Mathematical Finance 6.0


The Faculty of the Master of Banking, Investment and Finance