Christina Pieri


Lecturer in Heritage Management


Christina is a lecturer in Architecture with her BArch and MArch studies undertaken in the UK, where she has also gained her practical experience.

Her research interests focus on the topics of heritage management and historic urban landscape regeneration, while her PhD examined the issue of selective heritage management in divided cities, using the walled city of Nicosia, Cyprus as the main case study of her investigation (PhD thesis title: Selective heritage management in divided cities: focusing on Nicosia’s walled city centre).

Christina has lectured for several years in the UK, where she has also practiced architecture before returning to Cyprus.

She has worked on noteworthy heritage management and regeneration projects, both as a research assistant for ArCHIAM (Centre for the Study of Architecture and Cultural Heritage of India, Arabia and the Maghreb) and as an architect for DL Design Studio, including the careful study and revitalisation of listed buildings and sites in the UK.

Christina played an important role in the accreditation of courses at Universities she has previously taught and has received awards and commendations from competitions and conferences she has previously participated in. She is a member of ETEK (Technical Chambers of Cyprus).