Patroklos Patsoulis


Lecturer in Economics and Business Strategy


Patroklos Patsoulis graduated from the Department of Maritime Studies (BSc) and holds a Master’s Degree in Economic and Business Strategy (MSc) and a PhD in Economics (PhD) from the University of Piraeus. His doctoral thesis was funded by the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for a period of three years and he has presented his research in international academic symposia. His research has been published in international scientific journals such as the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (Elsevier). During his studies, he worked in private education institutions in Greece as a lecturer and in IT companies as a business consultant.

My research interests fall into the wider field of empirical banking and finance. More specifically I apply spatial financial models, with the aim of studying spillover effects between countries from certain policies (e.g., ECB Quantitative Easing). My broader research interests include monetary policy implementation and issues of European integration.