Giorgos Georgis gives speech at Kykkou A’ Lyceum

Giorgos Georgis gives speech at Kykkou A’ Lyceum

October 23, 2020

“Kykkou A’ Lyceum” School honored with a simple but wonderful ceremony the 89th anniversary of the people’s revolution of OCTOBER 1931, on Wednesday, 21st October 2020. The Dean of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities School of Neapolis University, Professor George Georgis, delivered a speech regarding the historical facts. Due to the measures, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, only the Senior Class had the opportunity to participate at the ceremony.

Mr. Dimitris Taliadoros, the School Principal, as a token of gratitude, presented Professor Georgis with a copy of Lefteris’ Economou painting, titled “Greek Civilization”.


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