Neapolis University Pafos Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Achieves Placement in RSGB IOTA Contest, Sets Stage for University-Wide Amateur Radio Club

September 13, 2023

Neapolis University Pafos reports that Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity, Dr. Lefteris Zacharioudakis, secured a 3rd place finish in the Low Power/Non-assisted/12h category during the annual RSGB IOTA (Islands On The Air) Contest held on July 29-30, 2023.

The RSGB IOTA Contest is a prestigious international event hosted by the Radio Society of Great Britain. It serves as a platform for amateur radio operators to hone their skills in establishing contacts with stations located on islands. The contest attracts participants from around the world and is a highlight in the amateur radio calendar.

“Dr. Lefteris Zacharioudakis took part in the contest and had a noteworthy performance,” stated Professor, Dr. Savvas Chatzichristofis, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and head of the Computer Science Department. “Additionally, the university is in the final stages of launching an amateur radio club, open to both students and staff, which is set to be operational in the coming months.”

Regarding the club, Dr. Zacharioudakis added, “The amateur radio club will offer a hands-on learning environment where members can develop practical communication skills, understand radio technology, and potentially contribute to emergency response initiatives. It’s an opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning that we’re excited to offer to our university community.”