Neapolis University research on Gambling and Betting

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Neapolis University in Cyprus emphasizes on the production of research on issues of increasing concern to our society with the participation of our students.

On Wednesday 13/3/2019, the first event of dissemination of the results of the research program “Preventing the Problem of Young People with Gambling and Betting” took place at the Neapolis University Amphitheater.

The research program was implemented under the support of the Cyprus Youth Organization and the National Betting Authority.

The program aims at modifying of:

  • the wrong knowledge and misunderstandings about gambling
  • the positive attitudes to gambling
  • the beliefs about the cost-effectiveness of gambling
  • and prejudices

The results showed that a gambling problem prevention program based on modifying misguided beliefs and prejudices could be a promising intervention.

The results are discussed on the basis of the utilization of these data and in the planning of a wider prevention intervention in high schools, universities, youth centers.

Speakers were members of the research team:

Neapolis University research on Gambling and Betting