New Accredited Programme BSc in Psychology (Distance Learning)

August 3, 2023

The Department of Psychology of Neapolis University Pafos is proud to announce the approval of the distance Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology after a rigorous and thorough evaluation process.

Through the distance BSc in Psychology, graduates can expect to develop a comprehensive understanding of the intricate biological, cognitive, and emotional processes that govern human experience and behavior. The curriculum covers the fundamental principles of psychology and equips students with essential techniques that are used to evaluate and modify human behavior. Additionally, the program prepares participants to apply psychological theories in real-world scenarios to tackle behavioral problems successfully. Moreover, the program aims to nurture critical thinking skills through the scientific explanation of a variety of psychological phenomena.

The programme has been thoughtfully developed according to using internationally recognized guidelines Psychology curriculums, provided by prominent organizations in Europe (EuroPsy), America (APA), and Britain (BPS).

Upon completion, graduates will be fully qualified to be enter employment in various sectors that apply psychology to everyday life, enhancing the well-being of individuals, groups, and organizations.

Our user-friendly online platforms and detailed module guides allow for a pleasant experience through the years of study, providing innovative education for future mental health professionals. Modern teaching approaches and tools are used by our highly trained academics to maximize the impact of the learning process and ensure a significant and positive impact in people’s lives.

We encourage individuals with a passion for understanding the complexity of human behavior to apply by clicking  here