The Department of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences at the “InterActions” Webinar


Academics and students of the Department of Architecture Land and Environmental Sciences, Neapolis University ,Pafos participated on Friday 9/10/2020 from 2.30-7.45 pm, in a webinar with a title: Interactions/Implementing and Evaluating Multidisciplinaries Approaches to the Teaching of Urban Form.

In the webinar teaching methodologies in Architecture were presented by the academics, where as students from the Department of Architecture presented their project work.

In the webinar apart from the Departments of Architecture of all the Universities in Cyprus, representatives from Universities of Italy, Greece, Poland, Croatia, UK, Portugal and Austria participated.

The participating students were: Christina Matsa (5th year),Rafaella Georgiou, Mais Abbas (graduates in 2020), Georgoudis Nikolas, Aristotelis Lalas, Dimitris Socratous (5th year),Mary Giannaka, Sokorelis Nikos (5th year),with the academics Solon Xenopoulos ,Eleni Hadjinikolaou, Chrystala Psathiti.

Also in the webinar the following students took part: Christoforos Spyrakos (graduate in 2018), Bchara Hussein, Domniki-Tatiani Mavri (4th year) Lora Papastylianou (5th year).

The photograph of the Department of Architecture team.


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