The Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MESY) of the Republic of Cyprus is currently surveying graduates from all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Cyprus to better understand the lives and careers of graduates in Cyprus.

The survey is part of the EUROGRADUATE project, which will allow for comparing working and living conditions of Higher Education graduates in Cyprus with other European countries.

So far, the first cycle of data collection of graduates from undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes for the academic years 2016-2017 and 2020-2021 has been completed.

The preliminary results of the first cycle have been published and can be viewed by following the link

In the period January-March 2024, data will be collected through an electronic questionnaire. The questionnaire can be accessed through the project website or by using the personal link sent by email to all graduates of the above academic years by the Higher Education Institution from which they graduated. The questionnaire takes 10-12 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the questionnaire, graduates will receive a small gift and will also have the opportunity to participate in a draw to win bigger prizes (airline tickets, hotel accommodation and gift vouchers).

Your answers to the survey are anonymous and fully confidential. All survey data will be held separate from your contact information. Your participation is of course voluntary, and all legal requirements of data protection will be adhered to.

The contribution of higher education graduates to the CyGraduates survey is considered very important for the improvement of the education provided, the better matching of skills acquired from higher education with the needs of the labour market and the development of better employment prospects for Cyprus’ higher education graduates.

Keep up to date with the progress of the survey and its results through the social media accounts (Facebook: here και Instagram: here)