Events & Research

Events organized by the Chair: A series of events will be organised, targeting not only students, but also law practitioners, policy makers and the civil society at national and regional level. This will increase the visibility of the project, disseminate research results and inform the public on EU action in this field.

  1. Guest lecture by invited expert Dr G. Gountis (PhD, University Ludwig Maximilian of Munich) on the presumption of innocence in criminal law proceedings (15 February 2021)
  2. Guest lecture by invited expert Dr M. Mousoulidou (PhD, University of Leicester) on the role of psychology in criminal investigations and court proceedings (01 March 2021)
  3. Guest lecture by invited expert Mr M. Matthaiou (former Supreme District Court Judge) on the use of digital information and new technologies in criminal proceedings (12 April 2021)
  4. Guest lecture by invited expert Mr E. Vasileiou (European Parliament Office Cyprus) on the role, actions and initiatives of the European Parliament (22 April 2021)
  5. Webinar on EU’s fight against economic crime and the role of asset recovery (date to be announced)
  6. Conference on EU asset recovery in the post-Lisbon era (date to be announced)

Participation of the Chair Holder in international conferences:

  1. Invited expert speaker at the “2021 Nanjing Forum”, organized by the UNESCO Chair on Peace Studies, Nanjing University, China (Fall 2021).
  2. UCLouvain, Université de Liège, Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Association Internationale de Droit Économique, Conference: “Emerging countries at the heart of the major global balances” (25-26 November 2021). Title of contribution: “Dealing with a Sovereign Debt Pandemic in the Era of Deglobalization and Global Imbalances”.
  3. Bocconi University, Milan / Italy & the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL), Seventh Biennial SIEL Global Conference: “Rethinking Global Economic Governance” (7-9 July 2021). Title of contribution:  “International Regulation of Stablecoins and Money Laundering”.
  4. Asser Institute – Centre for International & European Law, CLEER Conference on Informal Law-Making in EU External Relations Law (8 April 2021). Title of contribution: «Revisiting the EU Policy on High-Risk Third Countries: Informal Arrangements and Synergies with the FATF Listing Process»
  5. University of Zurich, 2nd Geneva-Zurich Seminar on Sustainable Finance, “Sustainable Finance and Digitalisation” (25 March 2021). Title of contribution: «Digitalization and Standardization of Green Bonds: The Case of Extra-Financial Reporting»
  6. Invited AML Expert, Digital Currency Global Initiative, Stanford University/ITU (ongoing research project).

Research and publications of the Chair holder: After the approval and the launching of the Jean Monnet Chair at NUP in 2020, the holder of the Chair has conducted research that has led to the following publications:

  1. Pavlidis, G., The Troubling Shortcomings of International Asset Freezes: The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Lost Billions, African Journal of International and Comparative Law [approved & forthcoming in issue 3/2021]
  2. Pavlidis, G., Asset Recovery in the European Union: Implementing a ‘No Safe Haven’ Strategy for Illicit Proceeds, Journal of Money Laundering Control, Vol. 24, 2021 [EarlyCite]
  3. Pavlidis G., Strengthening Asset Recovery in the Context of International Criminal Court Proceedings, Swiss Review of International & European Law, 2020/4
  4. Pavlidis G., El Grupo de Acción Financiera (GAFI) treinta años después: el futuro de la lucha internacional contra el blanqueo de capitales y la financiación del terrorismo, Revista de Estudios Jurídicos, vol. 2020/1, p. 434 ff

Waiver: The European Commission support for the production of these conference contributions, articles and publications does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use, which may be made of the information contained therein.