MA in Modern and Contemporary History (Distance Learning)

The Programme offers specialization in postgraduate studies in Modern and Contemporary History. Graduates will acquire more professional tools in their field of interest. The Program is of interest to graduates of Law, Philosophy and Pedagogical Schools, as well as graduates of departments of History, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, European Studies, Mass Communications and Journalism. Graduates of Greek, European Civilizations and other relevant departments are also accepted. Other graduates, who have specialized in other disciplines, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc., and are interested in the History of their specialization are also encouraged to apply.








The Program is accredited by the The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA)

Program’s Purpose

The Program aims at the postgraduate education and academic expertise in Modern and Contemporary History in order to provide professional qualifications and wider training to people with special interests on this field. It mainly addresses to holders of degrees of Philosophical and Pedagogical Schools, as well as Departments of History, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, European Studies, Mass Media, Journalism, Greek and European Civilization, and other similar Schools and Departments. It offers the opportunity of training and professional development to teachers, public servants and other professionals, as well as the opportunity of specialized training to young people who have just obtained their degrees. The goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the historical past, of its importance and of its impact on current affairs.


The total duration of the Program is three academic semesters. In order to successfully complete their studies, students need to accumulate 90 ECTS. The program is offered in Greek.

In the first semester, students attend four compulsory courses. In the second semester they attend three compulsory courses and one elective course. Each of the courses (compulsory and elective) corresponds to 7.5 ECTS. Students are assessed in each course through a) one written assignment during the semester, and b) final exams at the end of the semester. Written assignments make up 30% of the final grade, whereas final exams make up 70% of the final grade.

In the third semester, students write their MA dissertation), which corresponds to 30 ECTS. The MA dissertation cannot be shorter than 10,000 words and longer than 15,000 words. The MA dissertation is defended orally by the student in front of a three-member committee.



CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
DHIST601Historical Studies. Theory and methodology of HistoryCompulsory7.5
DHIST602Modern Greek History (1821-1914)Compulsory7.5
DHIST603Modern European History (1789-1914)Compulsory7.5
DHIST604British rule in the Ionian Islands and in CyprusCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
DHIST605Greek-Turkish relationsCompulsory7.5
DHIST606Contemporary Greek History (1914-1981)Compulsory7.5
DHIST607Contemporary European History (1914-1989)Compulsory7.5
DHIST608History of the Republic of CyprusCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
DHIST600MA DissertationCompulsory30


The University reserves its right to define the electives offered on an academic year basis.

The programme structure may change without prior notice, as a result of quality assurance procedures or/and programme recertification.


Register your interest and one of our admissions consultants will contact you with guidance and additional information.


Pantelis Sklias

Professor of International Political Economy

Rector of Neapolis University Pafos

Coordinator of the BSc in International Relations & Security, MSc in European Politics and Governance (conventional and distance) and MSc in International Relations, Strategy and Security (Distance)

Pantelis Sklias (1969) is a Professor of International Relations and International Political Economy (IPE) and since September 2018 Rector of the University.

Giorgos Georgis

Professor of History

Coordinator of the Master in History and MA in Modern and Contemporary Greek and European History (Conventional)

Giorgos Georgis is Professor at Neapolis University Pafos, Member of the Board and Director of the Postgraduate Programs in History at the same University.

Marios Leonida Evriviades

Associate Professor of International Relations and Security

Deputy Head of the Department of History, Politics and International Studies

Marios L. Evriviades is Professor of International Relations and History at Neapolis University Pafos. He is also Senior Fellow and Director of Resources at ERPIC-European Rim and Investment Council, Larnaca.

Konstantinos F. Doukakis

Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary History

Coordinator of the MA in Modern and Contemporary History (Distance Learning)

Konstantinos F. Doukakis (Corfu, 1979) is Assistant Professor in Modern and Contemporary History at Neapolis University, Paphos, Cyprus. His research interests relate to modern European economic and social history, to public policy and administration, as well as to the European and Greek versions of the welfare state....

Katerina Papazacharia

Lecturer in Diplomatic History and International Relations

Katerina Papazacharia is a Doctor of Philosophy in Byzantine History. She graduated with a B.A. degree from the Department of History and Archaeology, School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Kyriakos Iakovidis

Lecturer in Modern History

Born in Limassol, 1984. BA Journalism (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh). MA in History (Royal Holloway). PHD holder (University of Cyprus). Member of the research program «Evrodaktilios», financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cyprus).

Antonis Klapsis

Visiting Researcher in Diplomacy and International Organization

Assistant Coordinator of the MA in Modern and Contemporary Greek and European History (Distance Learning)

Antonis Klapsis is Assistant Professor of Diplomacy and International Organization at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Peloponnese.

Georgios Maris

Research Fellow in in Political Economy of International Relations

Georgios Maris is Associate Professor in Political Economy of International Relations at the University of the Aegean (Department of Mediterranean Studies).
The programme is offered for the advancement of professionals in the fields of education, civil service and the private sector. Young graduates will also have a better understanding of the forces that shaped the past and the present and thus better equipped to cope with challenges.