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The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a program of high academic caliber. Designed for adult students aspiring to become leaders within the civil service, the MPA enables and empowers existing and prospective civil servants with the skills needed to excel and remain competitive in the field. Students acquire the academic and managerial skills needed to adapt to a perpetually evolving workplace, to successfully surmount challenges, and how to stay-on-top of innovations in the field.

An experiential academic approach underlies the program’s academic philosophy with students’ “on-the-job” practitioner experiences juxtaposed, analyzed and synthesized within the program’s existing curriculum.

This broader, holistic approach serves to both expand and deepen student’s knowledge of the managerial and political practices of the public sector.

Widely recognized as a complex field of study, The Master of Public Administration covers many subject areas: Public sector organization, legislation & policy, fiscal & economic issues, human resource (personnel) management and sector intrinsic issues from the National & Regional Health, Education, Environment, Defense sectors, and issues relating to the European Union.

The program’s objectives are developing the requisite knowledge, understanding and abilities which foster the effective development and management of civil service sectors, in addition to an in-depth understanding of larger political pictures shaping the public sector as a whole.

Through these methods, the MPA equips and empowers its students with the analytical, reasoning, computational, and leadership skills required to excel within an ever evolving, and highly competitive field.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) enriches students’ knowledge whilst simultaneously providing the skills and aptitudes needed to either build or enhance an existing career in the public sector. Graduates of the programme leave equipped with the tools required to meet and overcome professional challenges. One of the program’s many fundamental strengths is its combination of academic theory with students’ own career experience.


The successful completion of the program requires students to attend eight (8) courses and submit a successful dissertation. Courses are divided into four semesters, two per semester.


Students’ dissertations will be concerned with either unique problem-solving methods, and/or sectoral politics of one or more public sector domains. The dissertation review board is comprised of field specialists working in collaboration with Neapolis University in Cyprus. Student’s academic needs are cared for whilst establishing strong professional relationships between students, teachers and supervisors. These relationships often lead to future professional collaboration. Students follow vital “Public Sector Themes: Open Seminars”, conducted on a regular basis by highly experienced specialists from the Cypriote public sector and abroad.


General Administration

Those who choose the following courses that are offered in the third and fourth semester of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) can specialize in ”General Administration”:

  • Management of the Public Sector
  • Strategic Planning and Effectiveness in the Public Sector
  • Planning Public Policy: Evaluation and Implementation

The Postgraduate Programme in General Management Officers is addressed to the narrow public sector, Parastatals, Independent Agencies, Local Authorities etc. This Specialization aims to create functional officers to the changes of the General Administration and adapt to new demands and challenges imposed by the prevailing conditions. The Programme aims to provide a high quality of study and is taught by Cypriot and foreign Greek-speaking teachers. The curriculum of this Specialization covers different thematic fields related to public policies, financial matters, human resources, health, education, environment, safety, EU matters etc. For this reason, the theme of this programme was designed in a way that explores the basics of Public Administration and Public Policy at these multiple levels and prepares students to assume ever-increasing (and complex) responsibilities in the field of Public Administration.

Public Educational Administration

Those students who wish to follow this specialization of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) have to attend the following courses, which are taught in the third and fourth semester:

  • Administration and Management of School Units
  • Communication and Cooperation at School
  • Planning and Development of Analytical Curricula

This Specialization is aimed at teachers of the public and private sector. It aims to create officers responsive to the changes in Educational Administration and adaptable to the challenges they encounter during their professional life. The Programme aims to provide a high quality of study and covers areas relating to public policies, financial matters, human resources and issues of health, environment and education policy of the European Union. For this reason, the theme of this programme was designed in a way that explores the basics of Educational Administration and Public Policy at these multiple levels and prepares students to take a leading role in Educational Sector.

Management of Public Health Care

Those who choose the following courses that are offered in the third and fourth semester of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) can follow the Specialization of “Management of Public Health Care”:

  • Systems of Health and Health Policies
  • Applied Methods of Organization and Management for Health Services
  • Administration and Management of Health Services

The Postgraduate Programme in Healthcare Management is aimed at physicians, nurses, administrators, health units, executives from within the health sector public and private sector. It aims to create officers, responsive to the changes in Healthcare Management and adapt to the challenges they encounter during their careers. The Master of Public Administration (MPA) provides high-quality studies covering different thematic areas relating to the health sector, such as functionality and administration of hospitals, family public policies, financial matters, human resources, and issues of the European Union. For this reason, the subjects of this programme were designed in a way that explores the basics of relationship management of Health Units and certain Public Policies.



CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
MPA500Introduction to Public AdministrationCompulsory7.5
MPA510Financial Management for Public SectorCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
MPA520Leadership and Organizational Behaviour in the Public SectorCompulsory7.5
MPA530Financial Resources Management in the Public SectorCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
MPA540Human Resource Management in the Public SectorCompulsory7.5
MPA550Public Sector ManagementCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ΜΡΑ570Planning Public Policy Evaluation and ImplementationCompulsory7.5
MRA560Strategic Planning and Effectiveness of the Public SectorCompulsory7.5


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ΜΡΑ601Principles of Management and Administration of Health ServicesElective7.5
MRA604Communication and Collaboration in School UnitsElective7.5
MRA602Applied Methods of Organization and Management Of Health ServicesElective7.5
MRA603Health Systems and Health PolicyElective7.5
MRA605School Administration and ManagementElective7.5
MRA606Design and Development of Detailed programsElective7.5
* Possibility of replacing two compulsory courses with 2 electives


The University reserves its right to define the electives offered on an academic year basis.


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Pantelis Sklias

Professor of International Political Economy

Rector of Neapolis University Pafos

Coordinator of the BSc in International Relations & Security, MSc in European Politics and Governance (conventional and distance) and MSc in International Relations, Strategy and Security (Distance)

Pantelis Sklias (1969) is a Professor of International Relations and International Political Economy (IPE) and since September 2018 Rector of the University.

Anastasia Reppas

Professor of Educational Administration

Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Business

Coordinator of the MPA: (Direction Educational Management)

Anastasia Athanasoula – Reppa is Professor of Educational Administration and Organizational Behavior at Neapolis University Pafos in Cyprus. She holds a PhD and Master’s degree from Panteion University...

Christos Papademetriou

Assistant Professor in Management - Human Resources Management

Coordinator of the Distance Master in Business Administration (DMBA)

Christos Papademetriou holds a doctorate (PhD) in Social Science from the University of Leicester, UK. The title of his thesis is “Investigating the Impact of Sequential Cross-Cultural Training on the Level of Sociocultural and Psychological Adjustment of Expatriate Mangers”...

Michailina Siakalli

Lecturer in Statistics

Coordinator for Internship, Student Affairs

Dr Michailina Siakalli was awarded a scholarship from the University of Sheffield and in 2008 she obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield (UK) in the field of Stochastic Differential Equations driven by Lévy Process...

Giorgos Meramveliotakis

Lecturer in Economic Theory and Policy

Coordinator of the MPA (Direction General Management)

He has taught at the University of Crete, the Greek Mediterranean University, the University of Liverpool and the University of Roehampton. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Crete...

Charalampos Chrysomallidis

Lecturer in Public Policies

General Coordinator of the MPA

Charalampos Chrysomallidis is an Economist and Lecturer in Public Policies at the Neapolis University Pafos, holding a PhD in Political Science and European Studies from University of Athens...

Dimitra Latsou

Lecturer of Public Healthcare Services Administration

Dimitra Latsou is a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Athens. She completed the postgraduate program in Management and Economic Evaluation of Professional and Environmental Health, at the Medical School of the University of Athens...
The NUP Master of Public Administration (MPA) provides contemporary knowledge taught by highly acclaimed professors with long, distinguished careers abroad. Their professionalism and added “human-touch” provide the key ingredients to meeting today’s professional challenges. Attending courses does not affect professional activity, and it is truly a privilege that they are conducted Paphos.
Dr. Nikos Panagides Medical Officer 1st Class Pafos General Hospital

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