Excelling Participation of Students of Neapolis University in Cyprus in the Simulation Exercise of the United Nations Organization

Excelling Participation of Students in the Simulation Exercise of the United Nations Organization

April 13, 2022

Neapolis University Pafos excelled in the simulation exercise of the United Nations (Model United Nations), which was organized by the University of Cyprus in collaboration with the Office of the European Parliament in Cyprus between 8-10 April through its participating students from the Departments of Law and History, Politics and International Studies.

During the event, the theme of which was “Shaping Our Future: Leaving No One Behind”, the participants undertook the diplomatic representation of the member states of the Organization, simulating the respective agenda and foreign policy, researching international current issues and proposing solutions by adopting international resolutions.

The participating NUP students were under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Stelios Perrakis, Dean of the Law School of the University and Dr. Eleni Gavriil, Lecturer in International Economic Law and Human Rights at the Department of History, Politics and International Studies, who also accompanied the students in the three-day event.

Among the excelled students, Mr. Vasileios Tsiftsis, undergraduate student of the Law School, won the award for Best Delegate for his participation in the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety / Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, whilst  Ms. Alice Franchi of the University of Florence and an Erasmus student in the International Relations and Security undergraduate program at Neapolis University Pafos was awarded the Honourable Mention Award for her participation in the Human Rights Committee. The successful team of Neapolis University Pafos also included Maxime Mοnjoie, Georgios Theotokis, Dionysios Dragonas, Athina Papagianni, Christina Napa and Maria Ellina.