Workshop Capturing Landscapes: Green Wall at the University of Neapolis

07/05/18 Back

The Graduate Landscape Architecture students, along with the students of the Architecture Program have transformed the University’s “Green Wall” with visual interventions, representing the Cyprus landscape and introducing the dry landscape element as “Xeroscape”.

The construction was followed by a series of studio exercises and the design was digitalized.

The workshop, was coordinated by Associate Professor at Neapolis University in Cyprus , Julia Georgi, while key instructor was Professor of the University of Thessaly, Dr. Sophia Vyzoviti.

The students worked closely with lecturers Evi Dova and Angeliki Sivitanidou of Neapolis University, together with visiting professors Cristina Musacchio and Declan Rafferty.

Workshop Capturing Landscapes Green Wall at the Neapolis University in Cyprus

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