BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance

The BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance offers undergraduate-level best-practice courses through academics with  international research and experience. The Programme aims to prepare high calibre individuals who possess analytical, technical, and personal skills with a broad understanding of the principles of financial theory and practice.


The programme is quality assured by Middlesex University and you will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion.

9 exceptions by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants



240 ECTS





The aim of the BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance is to provide the necessary education, skills and values to students who seek a career in the accounting profession or in a finance-related profession in industry, in the financial services sector, in financial institutions, or in government. The BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance is designed to blend the specialised fields of banking, investments, corporate finance, financial accounting, financial management, management accounting, and auditing with the general fields of business management and economics to ensure that students complement their in-depth analytical and professional understanding of financial issues with a wider business and economics education and recognition of the importance of ethical and professional standards.

The ACCA recognized the high quality and standards of our BSc program in Accounting, Banking and Finance and awarded exemption from all nine fundamental (F) exams to our graduates i. Similarly, after a thorough validation process, the University of Middlesex in London recognised our program as equivalent to its own programs and agreed to award our successful graduates with its own Bachelors degree.

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Why Study Accounting, Banking and Finance @NUP?

You will be offered best practice courses from world class academics who are experts in their fields.

The BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance offers undergraduate-level best-practice courses through academics with  international research and experience. The Programme aims to prepare high calibre individuals who possess analytical, technical, and personal skills with a broad understanding of the principles of financial theory and practice.

You will receive maximum value for maximum success.

We aim and do, so far achieve 100% employability for our graduates. A career within the field of Accounting, Banking and Finance is exciting and rewarding. The world of finance, with its diverse career opportunities and continuing demand for capable professionals, is an attractive career choice for high calibre individuals. This Bachelor allows you to work within the largest companies of the world including Investment & Commercial Banks, Hedge Funds, economic organizations or the government. The  BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance will definitely enhance your career prospects in the current competitive job market.

You will join a unique learning community who is passionate to communicate knowledge and will challenge and energize you.

We produce competent graduates for a successful career in the world of Accounting and Finance.


Graduates of the BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance with the knowledge and skills they will gain will have excellent job prospects in the public and private sector. They will successfully pursue careers in the banking sector, in the provision of financial and investment services, fund management companies and insurance companies, as accountants, money analysts of investment programs and financial advisors. The career of a graduate in Accounting offers great job prospects for a successful professional career. This is supported in this contributes by he constant availability of jobs in the industry. Kostas Giannopoulos Professor of Finance Kostas Giannopoulos – Professor of Finance.


The BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance includes general education courses, courses in Finance, Business Administration and Economics and specialization in the disciplines of Accounting and Banking. The specialization courses are excellently connecting theory with practice and give the students an opportunity to deepen their respective fields. This objective is achieved through modern and alternative teaching methods and incorporating the latest developments in the field of Finance. The direction of Banking provides the student with a comprehensive theoretical and applied education in the field of financial services and markets, both nationally and globally. Students compose investment portfolios, evaluate credit risk and thereby acquire real experiences. The direction of the Accounting allows students to study specific subjects such as Financial and Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Accounting Information Systems, Budgeting Training Budgets and Economic Studies, Taxation and Audit. In general, the accounting direction through specialized courses, aims to meet the professional needs of the accounting and finance sector.


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ECON101Principles of MicroeconomicsCompulsory6
BUSN100Introduction to BusinessCompulsory6
MATH103Introduction to MathematicsCompulsory6
PSYC100 Introduction to PsychologyCompulsory6
PEPS101Computer SkillsCompulsory3
PEPS103Academic Writing, Communication Skills and Foreign LanguageCompulsory3


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ECON102Principles of MacroeconomicsCompulsory6
ACCN101Principles of Financial AccountingCompulsory6
STAT103Statistics ICompulsory6
BUSN104Principles of Marketing Compulsory6
GEED102Introduction to Philosophy orElective3
ECON110Introduction to Behavioural EconomicsElective3
PEPS104Academic Writing, Communication Skills and Foreign Language IICompulsory3


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN201Principles of Management AccountingCompulsory6
FINA200Financial TheoryCompulsory6
FINA202Principles of Risk and InsuranceCompulsory6
BUSN201Organisational BehaviourCompulsory6
BUSN210Digital EconomyCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN203Financial Analysis & Business ValuationCompulsory6
BUSN103Business LawCompulsory6
ACCN215Business TaxationCompulsory6
FINA201Derivatives MarketsCompulsory6
STAT203Statistics IICompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN310Advance Management AccountingCompulsory6
ACCN306Information Systems for AccountantsCompulsory6
ACCN315Advanced Business TaxationCompulsory6
FINA304Financial Risk ManagementCompulsory6
GEED104Sociology and AnthropologyCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN202Financial ReportingCompulsory6
ACCN305Advanced Financial AccountingCompulsory6
ACCN311Corporate LawCompulsory6
ACCN312Audit Principles and ProceduresCompulsory6
FINA311Financial ManagementCompulsory6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN400 Performance ManagementCompulsory6
ACCN401Corporate Finance & Business EthicsCompulsory6
ACCN403Advance Financial ReportingCompulsory6
PEPS401Dissertation ORElective6
BUSN408Business Decision-MakingElective6


CodeCourse titleCourse typeECTS
ACCN413Advance Audit Principles & ProceduresCompulsory6
ACCN410Performance Management IICompulsory6
PEPS401Dissertation ORElective6
BUSN412Research MethodsElective6
BUSN411Internship ORElective6



The specialization of Accountancy offers a unique opportunity for the student to acquire the appropriate background for the professional certification of the Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Students, upon successful completion of their studies, will be examined only in 5 of the 14 tests required for the successful acquisition of professional certification and ACCA professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant. Also the topics covered in some of the subjects of the third and fourth year offer the knowledge base for the last 5 tests for the qualification of ACCA in professional level. Moreover, graduates of this BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance obtain comparative advantages compared to their authorized accountants who have only professional certification, since after acquiring a recognized undergraduate title may continue their studies at postgraduate level.

The specialization in Accounting provides graduates excellent career opportunities in accounting and consulting firms, insurance and shipping companies, financial institutions or financial organizations. Among other subjects, students with specialization in Accounting will be taught the following:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Advanced Costing and Management Accounting
  • Information Systems for Accountants
  • Accounting Computer Applications
  • Advanced Financial Statements
  • International Accounting

Banking and Finance

The globalization of the economy, the single European economic environment and global competition create increasing demands of quality, innovation and expertise of the employees in the banking and financial sector. The specialization in Banking has been created in response to the training needs in these new circumstances and needs of the market. Each programme graduate will be able to approach and solve theoretical and practical aspects of the financial and banking sector of a modern economy. Students of the BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance will gain a comprehensive and global view of the subjects of finance and banking, which are directly related to the current and future needs of executives in the area of Finance and Banking, both nationally and globally.

The BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance offers specialization in key areas of banking, such as Investment Banking, Labelling and Managing Credit Risk and Bank Management. Graduates of the Program, with their knowledge and skills, will have excellent job prospects in the public and private sector. They can pursue careers successfully in the banking sector, in the provision of financial and investment services, in asset management companies and in investment company programs as analysts or financial advisors.

  • Money and Banking
  • Principles of Insurance and Risk Management
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Financials of Real Estate
  • Adjusting Financial Services
  • Property Evaluation
  • International Financial Management
  • Purchase Bonds
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Banking Investment
  • Banking Management


The University reserves its right to define the electives offered on an academic year basis.


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Maria Psillaki

Professor of Banking and Finance

Dean of the School of Economics, Administration and Computer Science

Maria Psillaki is a Professor of Banking and Finance. She studied at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, in France where she received her Bachelor, Master and PhD with the highest honors...

Kostas Giannopoulos

Professor of Finance

Professor Kostas Giannopoulos is coordinator of the Masters of Banking, Investment and Finance at the University of Neapolis. Professor Giannopoulos holds a Laurea in Banking and Finance from the University of Siena, Italy...

Andreas Hadjixenophontos

Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance

Coordinator of the BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance and MSc Accounting and Finance

Dr. Andreas Hadjixenophontos is an Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance. He graduated in 1985 from the Department of Accounting and Finance of the London School of Economics...

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