MSc in Accounting and Finance

Description of the MSc in Accounting and Finance

The MSc in Accounting and Finance provides a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of key areas of accounting and finance. Its main objective is to provide you with a thorough understanding of finance and accounting concepts and their application within various types of businesses entities.

You will acquire extensive knowledge about a wide range of theories, tools, methods and techniques of accounting and finance within an international context and you will develop your ability to reflect critically on the current debates in the accounting and financial academic and professional literature.

This degree will prepare you for senior accounting and finance roles in both public and private sector organisations. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with complex accounting and financial issues in a range of employment contexts. The focus of the course will enhance your ability to analyse any situation and make sound strategic decisions.

Programme Structure

To qualify for the Master of Science in Accounting and Finance degree students are required to complete a programme of study totaling 90 ECTS over a period of 18 months. The MSc in Accounting and Finance Programme of study is organized in one-semester individual modules (15-week including reading period and examinations). Thus a typical student can complete the Programme in 3 semesters totaling 12 modules.

Practical component

The programme incorporates many strong practical components. Students are required to examine case-studies and deliver a professionally written report.

Modules are to be delivered during weekends twice a month during the Autumn and Spring Semesters. The full syllabus material of all modules will be delivered to students through face-to-face teaching during these weekends.

Support material for the lectures, including all electronic files used by the instructor during the lecture as well as any lecture notes that are distributed in class will be provided on-line through Moodle. Moodle is also be used for interacting with students and communicating additional material that may be relevant to the subjects taught; for providing material that students can review in preparation for the next class; for providing material and feedback to students in the context of formative and/or summative assessments aimed at helping them to better understand and learn the material taught.

Programme requirements

Compulsory modules 54
Electives 18
Thesis 18

Total ECTS





The Course Structure of the MSc in Accounting and Finance is as follows:

CodeCourse TitleECTS

Semester 1

MAFN540Corporate Finance and Financial Management6.0
MAFN551Corporate Reporting6.0
MAFN550Financial and Managerial Accounting6.0

Semester 2

MAFN590Business analysis6.0
MAFN530Derivative Securities6.0
MAFN556Market and credit risk management6.0

Semester 3

MAFN545Portfolio Management and wealth planning6.0
MAFN552Corporate Governance6.0
MAFN560Audit and Assurance6.0


  • MFIN575 Behavioural finance
  • MFIN580 Technical analysis and financial forecasting
  • MFIN585 Mathematical finance
  • REAL570 Real estate investment
  • MAFN570 Taxation
  • MAFN575 Advanced taxation
  • MBA580 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • DIS600 Research Methods

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